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  Remote Controlled House Automation System


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The Problem: A client wanted to monitor conditions at his second residence and to control certain functions at that house from his primary residence.

The Solution: REAL Controls developed a remote control/monitoring system using a low cost Progammable Logic Controller (PLC), a personal computer, and a portable computer. The system monitors room temperatures within the house, outside air temperature and furnace operating temperatures. 

The building heating system and the driveway heating system are controlled by the PLC in either an automatic mode or manually by the client. The client also has the ability to control the home’s lighting system. The PLC is connected to a personal computer installed within the house and to the home’s telephone system. The personal computer allows the client to operate any of the PLC systems locally when he is at the second home. Optionally, he can communicate with the system over a standard modem from his portable computer from any location. Remote communication software was developed and installed on the portable computer.

The RESULTS: The remote control system is easy to use and easily expandable. By installing the remote control software on a portable computer, the client can communicate with the building control system anywhere that he may travel provided that he has access to a conventional telephone line. Once he is connected to the system, he uses the intuitive, graphical operator interface shown above to interact with the PLC system.






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